Let’s get shakin!!!

This week I’ve seen a meme (little Facebook quote) going around and saw so many people sharing it, about how so many holiday traditions have slowly faded out and died as we have slowly buried the older family members that kept them alive. 

I love the holidays (or used to) I still enjoy the lights, the winter nights by a fire, friends, and all the things I used to, the season of love, reflection, family, and the spirit of the season. But for me, like so many of you it’s just not the same, it’s often a reminder of those that are no longer here, and the traditions and meaning they took with them. All of us have different traditions and things we do during the holidays but if you are above and beyond your 20’s one thing we all have in common is things are probably different.

This is something that’s been hard for me at times. At the end of the day, you must remember what you long for, what you feel is missing from the holidays, be it a grandparent, a parent, a sibling, even a child, they are with you in spirit. Those traditions, family and friends on Christmas Eve, midnight mass, mawmaw’s dressing, or grandmothers frozen cranberry desserts. You can do this!!!! Make those family recipes, invite everyone over for Christmas Eve, let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve.

Whatever you feel like you are missing you can keep it alive just like they did, you know they probably got that tradition from the generation before them just like you. You got this!!!! For some that maybe didn’t care for the traditions now’s your chance to start your own with your family. Reflect on days past but live for now and be it traditions of the past or new traditions you create for your family, do it your way, and enjoy your holiday. 

Until next week I’m Chef Hunter Lee and from my home to yours I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. 

Remember, “treat your kitchen, treat yourself” 

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