Benwood’s  Sauces

The perfect sauces for anything that runs-flies-swims or grows in the ground. A testament to a decade’s old creation of a true country boy, a huntin, fishin and cookin legend. A tradition carried on by his son, a chef and cookin legend in his own rite, and shared here with you.

Certified Louisiana Sauces!

Benwood’s Surely Southern Sauces. Uniquely Louisiana, “Surely” the Best.

Low Sodium & No MSG!

Benwood's Country Boy BBQ Sauce

Benwood’s Country Boy BBQ Sauce


Chicken, Beef or Pork, Light tones of mesquite with just a hint of sugar.
Low sodium & NO MSG.

Benwood's Country Boy Big Buck Sauce

Benwood’s Country Boy Big Buck Sauce


Made with jalapeno peppers, cinnamon and more to give you the perfect mixture of sweet & spicy. Has a distinct tang to add the perfect flavor to any deer, duck or pig.

Low sodium & NO MSG.

Benwood's Clearly Magic Pepper Sauce

Benwood’s Clearly Magic Pepper Sauce


A flavor as unique as its color! A powerful vinegar-based pepper sauce.

Low sodium & NO MSG.

Benwood's Picante Garlic Sauce

Benwood’s Picante Garlic Sauce


A provocative garlic heat to add amazing flavor to any dish.

Low sodium & NO MSG.

Benwood's Hot Sauce

Benwood’s Hot Sauce


A bold hot sauce with light hints of vinegar and a ton of Louisiana heat.

Low sodium & NO MSG.

Benwoods Jalapeño Sauce

Benwood’s Jalapeño Sauce


This sauce lets the jalapeno flavor shine. A simple and spicy flavor that will leave you wanting more!

Low sodium & NO MSG.

Benwood's Country Boy Marinade

Benwood’s Country Boy Marinade


Chicken, beef, pork or veggies. This marinade will knock your socks off with slightly sweet and fiery flavor.

Benwoods Surely Southern Louisiana Pepper Sauce

Benwood’s Southern Louisiana Pepper Sauce


A premium pepper sauce blended with cayenne peppers for a potent and mouth-watering heat.

Low sodium & NO MSG.

Who is  Benwoods?

Benwood’s spice was the original creation of Hunter Lee’s father Benny during the oil and gas boom in the 1980’s. Inspired by his love for cooking, catering and the unique flavors of Louisiana, the spice was a big hit with chefs and home cooks alike.

Meet  Chef Hunter Lee

For over 15 years, Chef Hunter Lee has sought to bring Louisiana cookin’ to the world as a chef/kitchen personality, food expert, restaurant consultant, and private chef!

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