Let’s get shakin’

Prosperity, luck, money!!!!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve never missed a New Year’s Day meal!

Here in the south most people make some version of this traditional meal. Growing up for me it was black eye peas, smothered cabbage, cornbread and ham. Now days I often replace the ham with fried pork chops and the black eye peas with purple hull. Some make greens, some hot water cornbread and some even do pork roast instead of ham or pork chops. The meaning is the same just depends on what you prefer. This meal is supposed to bring you good luck, money and prosperity for the new year.

When I was a kid mom would remove a few of the uncooked black eye peas and set them aside. They were to go in a coin purse or a man’s wallet. I always laughed but being from another generation she took that very seriously. I say if you are superstitious cook and eat the meal and if you aren’t it’s still a great southern comfort meal or Sunday dinner and this year New Year’s Day happens to fall on a Sunday. 

Until next week this is Chef Hunter Lee hoping your new year is full of luck, prosperity, and good health. 

Remember, “treat your kitchen, treat yourself”

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