Let’s get shakin’ and head to the woods!!

My favorite time of year growing up, squirrel season! I got to spend quality time with my dad, he would even surprise me at school to check me out early for an afternoon hunt. As bad as I was, I highly doubt my teachers minded (a few might have looked forward to me leaving.) 

Opening weekend and usually the next included, my daddy’s friends around a fire talking about the hunt and how much work still needed to be done before their next outdoor adventure, deer season.

These fall weekends are when I first saw open-fire cooking first hand and I loved every minute of it. Today, looking back I smile realizing those guys were more interested in the hunt and eating than sanitation. Sometimes these camps didn’t have water much less soap. The squirrels were usually eaten with the same knife that skinned them only hours before. It was southern, it was country and it made memories.

Believe it or not it was usually great food, no side dishes (unless someone’s wife sent one.) If I was lucky, they remembered to bring paper plates!

I will save y’all the details on cleaning a squirrel and share with you one of my favorite recipes. For you hunters out there and for the wives that don’t go along on the hunt but get brought back the squirrels here’s a look into what they’re out there eating. 

Bacon Wrapped Squirrel on the Fire 

  • Squirrel legs (or the entire squirrel)
  • Beer
  • Benwood’s Surely Southern Seasoning 
  • Benwood’s Louisiana Hot Sauce or Garlic Picanté Hot Sauce 
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Minced onion (optional)
  • Hickory smoked bacon
  • Toothpick (optional)

Soak your squirrels in beer for 1-3 hours while you get the fire (with griddle) or grill going. To season the squirrel, sprinkle to your liking with all the dry seasonings. Feel free add more spices if you wish. That’s the great thing about cooking in the wild, work with what you got. Take the bacon and wrap each seasoned squirrel or leg. If you have trouble securing the bacon, use a toothpick to secure it. Place the squirrels over the fire but NOT over open flames. Cook till fully done. Once done sprinkle with hot sauce, dig in while you enjoy all that nature has to offer. 

Till next week, I’m Chef Hunter Lee

Benwood’s, uniquely southern, surely the best.