Let’s Get Shakin!

First let me start with Happy Holidays! We are getting close to most people’s favorite day of the year, Christmas!

Today, happens to be National Ugly Sweater Day. Over the years I have been to my fair share of ugly sweater parties. Some people go to the store and buy Christmas sweaters and others go all out with arts and crafts and make something truly horrendous.

Truth be told “ugly Christmas sweaters” weren’t meant to be ugly! Now, I don’t know how true this really is…but the tradition was said to begin a long time ago when Grandma’s everywhere were knitting or buying their grandchildren sweaters for Christmas. Kids being kids and not wanting to wear Grandma’s sweater gift and parents forcing them to…began the Ugly Sweater party tradition. Every kid on the block meeting up after the holidays to show off their new “ugly” sweaters.

This story may not have one ounce of truth in it, but it brings me back to the Christmas’ I’ve shared with my Grandparents and the thoughtful gifts they would give, even if as a child you didn’t appreciate them.

Hug your grandparents. Hug your parents. Hug your loved ones. They go out of their way to make sure you have traditions and Christmas spirit.

Until next week this is Chef Hunter Lee wishing you a happy holiday season.

Remember, “treat your kitchen, treat yourself”

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