Let’s get shakin!!!

Some will say gas is convenient, I would agree, but it can be about what you are cooking. I prefer to have both but now I have used a pellet grill but that will have to be a “Tips and Tales” of its own.

A true southerner will tell you there’s nothing like charcoal and if you are using gas, you aren’t country or just lazy. My ole dad instilled that in me till I was out of high school, at which point he went and bought a gas grill. I cherish our times grilling together and I also know learning on charcoal or open flame doesn’t have the forgiveness of a controlled gas grill and I probably learned much more. Getting that gas grill ole Benwood (my dad) admitted, he was aging, sometimes if we want a steak or veggies we want it without the work, this I can also relate to.

So which ones better? Well, I’m going to give you my take on it, you might not agree, that’s okay to. Charcoal is a hotter fire, it will give more of an “outdoors” or smoked natural flavor (unless you use the briquets that are already soaked in lighter fluid – even I can’t forgive that one) and it’s better for steaks, grilled chicken, wild game. Gas grills give you better control of temperature and flare ups, long as the bottle has gas in it there is usually one button or nob and lit, they are great for veggies, chicken, pork chops, and even side dishes in pans, they are easy to clean and quality ones last.

However, they aren’t the best for BBQ chicken or a good southern steak, they don’t give you that “outdoors” flavor, and they tend to be quite expensive. 

I have two grills, one charcoal, one gas, because I think each have a purpose, each bring something different to the table and yes, I get lazy too. Either way you can’t go wrong, let ya own grill master come out and go with what you like best. 

I’m Chef Hunter Lee and until next week, remember, “treat your kitchen, treat yourself. 

Uniquely southern, surely the best