Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but don’t worry you will wow your family this year with the juicy and crispy skin of your turkey. In the south most families deep-fry their thanksgiving bird, but if you are one of the few that don’t here are some tips to get the skin crispy!

It might seem strange, but if you leave your turkey uncovered in the fridge overnight the cold air will absorb the moisture and help the skin dry out to make a crispy outer layer.


You can also lather it in mayo! I know, I know, you’re all thinking, uh no Hunter, you rub it with butter and seasoning! I am here to tell you in the south your bird is either deep fried or covered in mayonnaise. You can spice up your mayo and mix in all your favorite seasonings and herbs too!

Till next week I’m Chef Hunter Lee.

Remember, “treat your kitchen, treat yourself”

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